GPS anti-theft system

Due to the geographical locations and other factors, the management of the base station is relatively weak, batteries are stolen is the largest case in these communications enclosures, which affects the normal operation of the base station, especially in the remote. Therefore, Vision group specially designed battery GPS tracking system solutions, that’s placing “GPS tracker” in such high-risk communications enclosures, according to the positioning data of the “GPS tracker” installed in the stolen battery, you can find out the criminals and sales channels.
This system consists of two parts: Monitoring center management software and alarm terminals. In the users’ monitoring center, professional monitoring software will be installed & realized terminal management, state management. The center will track and monitor the terminal during the entire process when receiving an alarm and software will be integrated within the digital map.
Monitoring center
The tracker will be assembled with GPS module, the monitoring center can inquire the operation of the terminal.
Alarm Terminal
When the tracker’s GPS data or the number of the exchange center & communications enclosures exceed the setting range, the tracker will alarm to the monitoring center & the mobile phones 0f the alarm receiving people.

Features of the system
1.Transport communication channel compatible GSM & GPRS.
2.Advanced positioning technology The system adopts GPS and base station positioning technology & has outstanding performance in positioning accuracy & speed.
3.Information  storage Once the alarm is started, the memory chip will record the collected GPS information and time.
4.When the terminal is power-cut,trackers will automatically start battery and sent alarm information.
5.Low-cost terminal
—You do not need to buy any other alarm equipment
—In addition to the batteries of the basetation, it is also very suitable for the management of Plug-in vehicles and third fleet.
6.Stable CT GSM is the most suitable platform for mobile data communication. It has the features of bandwidth, high reliability & security.