Storage batteries when not in use for a long time

Some electrical devices in the vehicle can be activated when the vehicle does not operate as an anti-theft system, devices with memory …


These devices still consume electricity even when the electric key is removed. In addition, car owners often have habits used to reduce battery life such as:


– Open the air conditioner when the machine does not start.


– Listen to music, watch movies on the car when not started.


– Forgetting off the headlights, turn signals, lights when leaving the car; Do not close the door, remove the power key when leaving the car.


– Lack of regular inspection and maintenance.


Therefore, to maintain the battery, you should:


– Regularly check the battery level, battery case for breakage or leakage, electrode condition.


– Do not install non-genuine electrical appliances.


– Absolutely avoid causing battery circuit; Battery testing and maintenance should be carried out according to the maintenance schedule and performed by professional technicians.


– If you need to connect the battery to the charger, remove both ends of the cable to avoid damaging your vehicle’s electrical system and remember to always remove the cathode (-) first and repeat the last.