Storage of batteries when not in use for a long time

Some electric vehicles on the car can be activated when the vehicle does not work like an anti-theft system, memory devices …

These devices still consume electricity even when the electric key is removed. In addition, car owners often have the habit of using to reduce battery life as:

– Open the air conditioner when it does not start.

– Listen to music, watch movies on the car when not starting.

– Forget to turn off the headlights, spotlights, ceiling lights when getting out of the car; forget to close the door, unplug the electric key when you get out of the car.

– Lack of regular inspection and maintenance.

Therefore, to preserve batteries, you should:

– Regularly check the level of battery fluid, battery cover to see if there is any breakage or leakage, the status of the electrodes.

– Do not install additional non-genuine power consumption devices.

– Absolutely avoid causing battery short circuit; The battery should be checked and maintained according to the maintenance schedule and performed by professional technicians.

– If you need to connect the battery to the charging machine, remove both ends of the cable to avoid danger to the electrical system on your vehicle and remember to always remove the negative pole (-) first and repeat it eventually.