VISION TECH is honored to be the sponsor of the “2017 FAMILY DAY” PROGRAM organized by the Hanoi Motorbike Club

Hanoi Motorbike Club belongs to the Federation of Bicycles and Motorbikes of Vietnam, was established in 1962, actively responds, participates in social activities, mass sports, coordinates with The delegation will also take part in the events of Seagames, international sports tournaments held in Hanoi and take part in the management of the Seagames. high performance bicycle race organized by the sports industry.

In addition to professional activities, by establishing charity funds from the club’s fund as well as calling on the generosity of the club members and friends, the club still maintains charity campaigns every year. Meantime, such as organizing relief trips for the poor, people affected by natural disasters as well as the poor and other beneficiaries.

The family festival is the annual event of the year with the presence of more than 200 members, and VISION TECH is honored to become the sponsor of the 2017 program. Share with the club, develop the upcoming plans to contribute meaningful activities for the society.

VISION TECH representatives receive a commemorative medal from the club

The club awards certificates of merit to individuals with excellent performance

Game activities, gifts Christmas gifts for children

Members receive gifts from Vision Tech in the lucky draw

The event took place with the full presence of members in the club