VISION-TECH is honored to be the sponsor of the “EMERGENCY SCHOOL 2017”

Club YFC Yamaha Friends Connections (YFC – Hanoi) is known as the strong club in the North, the meeting place of people who have passion car, the club also involved with many activities from The contest, … in many provinces and cities across the country.


Continuing tradition, YFC has selected Tan Phuong as the venue for the “EMBERRY SCHOOL 2017” program, and VISION has been honored to become a sponsor in cooperation with members in the Italian activities. this meaning. There are about 400 students at all levels, many of whom have to go hungry, get up early to school through winding roads, travel poorly, schools degrade Insufficient tables and chairs, hard living, maize mountain, rice threshing, picking vegetables to help families, disadvantage how many children in town are absent from school, play happy family party.

With the intention of sharing some of the difficulties that ethnic minorities, and children in Tan Phuong face with all their heart and enthusiasm, the YFC and VISION Club wish to make a difference. Something to support the students in Tan Phuong Commune. Hope through spiritual encouragement, small gifts, the same equipment, clothing books .. v .. v the baby will have better learning conditions, germ school in the land. This will grow even further.

The program took place in a fun atmosphere, the children receive the gifts from the show!

VISION TECH is honored to be the companion of YFC in this meaningful activity!

The members effort for the preparation of the program was going well!

Finish the program in the fun of the kids and the people who made the show!