Consulting product selection

· DEEP CYCLE series (deep discharge line) or PURE GEL (Pure GEL series) are used for continuous discharge and long discharge time requirements.

· HP and HF series are used for high-intensity discharge needs in a short time.

· To ensure the quality of use, we should choose products with capacity 20% higher than the demand.

· The discharge capacity will reach the highest level after the product has been put into stable operation. Therefore, the product capacity is only 95% at the beginning time which is the permitted standard.

· Selecting suitable products according to size, capacity and voltage requirements for the system is carried out according to the following steps:

– Selecting the product by capacity should specify the voltage and capacity of the station, the discharge time and the voltage limit of the station.

For example: a system of 48V DC discharge station with a capacity of 18Ah in a time of 5 hours, the end voltage is 42V, the choice will be the CTA12-100X product line should be used. How to calculate and select products as follows:

+ Voltage limit of a compartment will be: 42V / 24 compartments = 1.75V / compartment

+ With an 18AH discharge current for 5 hours and a voltage limit of 1.75V / cell, we will base the data on the load table of the product to choose.

+ CTA12-100X product will be a good choice because in 1.75V mode, the discharge current in the standard 5-hour period is 18.8AH, higher than the required standard of 5%.

+ So we will select 4 CTA12-100X tanks connected in succession to use.

– Selecting products according to their capacity should specify operating voltage, power factor, time and end voltage of the system.

+ Formula: UPS capacity x coefficient / efficiency = capacity of battery

For example: a UPS system with a capacity of 20KVA, a DC voltage of 408V, a power factor of 0.8, a efficiency of 0.85, a discharge time of 2 hours, a voltage limit of 357V system, calculation and selection of products as follows :

+ Total capacity to be used: 20KVA * 0.8 / 0.85 = 18823.5W

+ Capacity of each compartment: 18823.5W / (408V / 2) = 92.3W / compartment.

+ Voltage limit of compartments is: 357V / 204 compartments = 1.75V / compartment.

+ With the above calculation, the system needs to use the product with a response capacity of 92.3W for 2 hours at 1.75V / compartment

We can choose the 6FM150-X product, the capacity at 1.75V mode at 2h will be 106W / compartment, the amplitude of fluctuation will be 15% compared to the requirement. The number of needs for the system will be 34 consecutive ones.